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Pepperly Love

Fatal Hot Sauce

Fatal Hot Sauce

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Fatal Hot Sauce

5 oz

From our pepper loving brand, Pepperly Love. Created & packaged by Relish Market. Made from the world's HOTTEST Peppers. Fatal Hot Sauce is SUPER HOT and SUPER flavorful!

As featured in the Washingtonian Magazine December 2019 issue, Fatal Hot Sauce is a special blend of super hot peppers including the Carolina Reaper, Scorpion and Ghost Peppers for an intense burn. Fatal is the hottest of our line up and it is sure to please the heat seekers. This tasty blend is hot, yet flavorful and is a great complement to your favorite dish.

Large - 5 oz. Small - 1.7 oz

Contains: Carolina Reaper, Scorpion and Ghost Peppers, vinegar, red wine, onion, garlic & salt

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